Management Advisor

Dedicated. At Oak, we’re not afraid to invest in young entrepreneurs with bold ideas; but we also value the wisdom that comes from experience. We are dedicated to providing the advice and direction that help management teams steer their companies toward financial growth and success. We believe that strong companies are built around strong management teams.


We have always respected entrepreneurs’ fierce independence, and strive to be a trusted, long-term partner that helps them succeed. We seek non-controlling positions, staying involved throughout the decision-making process—providing strategic guidance and capitalizing on our team’s deep industry expertise and network—but entrusting management to make the best business decisions. We stand with, and by, our management teams. In fact, we fully expect that we’ll face some tough situations together, and we commit to standing with entrepreneurs and serving as a steady voice of reason through all business cycles. With over four decades in venture capital, we have earned the trust of the management teams we work with, as evidenced by the many successful CEOs who have repeatedly turned to Oak as a strategic investor and partner.

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