Investment Strategy

Focused. Oak’s General Partners form a strong investment team foundation that brings four decades of experience helping build growth companies in our key investment domains. Leveraging our deep domain expertise as industry participants, we are focused on identifying clear leaders in multiple categories. Our investment strategy is not dependent on complex financial engineering or on access to the credit markets; rather the prospective growth rates of Oak’s companies drive strong equity returns. Our success is driven by building leading companies that can sustain exceptional growth rates in some of the fastest growing global markets.


Our multi-stage investing approach enables us to finance companies as they reach their inflection point, or when markets change. At this juncture, resourceful companies can establish a leading market position, protect that position, and maximize value creation. Our strategy is to identify the point where market demand and technology intersect and to identify the best positioned company with the vision, product offering, and management team to capitalize on this opportunity.

Specifically, the key elements of our investment strategy include: serving as lead or co-lead investor; focusing within our domain strengths; following a multi-stage approach; backing proven management teams; utilizing a venture partner team; and leveraging the Oak global network. At the same time, Oak has maintained a patient approach, helping portfolio companies navigate through challenging business and market cycles.

Our strategic assistance