Information Technology

With over three decades of experience in the field, Oak continues to identify information technology innovators and help them exploit new business opportunities and anticipate trends. Our long-term relationships—through changing economic landscapes—are a source of stability for portfolio companies over a variety of disciplines, from broadband and mobile communications to outsourced services and enterprise software to hardware and components.


Good Technology
Zayo Group
Wellfleet Communcations
Wavestream Corporation
Vitesse Semiconductor
Virata Corporation
Vicinity Corporation
United Devices
Trapeze Networks, Inc.
Torrent Systems, Inc.
The Collaborative Group, LTD.
Tensilica, Inc.
Tellium, Inc.
Telica, Inc.
Tegic Communications, Inc.
Talisma Corporation
Synopsys, Inc.
Synaptics, Inc.
Sybase, Inc.
Sutherland Global Services, Inc.
Stretch, Inc.
Spring Tide
SNAPin Software Inc.
Sentient Networks, Inc.
Securant Technologies
Seagate Technologies, Inc.
SanDisk Corporation
Resonext Communications, Inc.
Qpass, Inc.
Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.
Presidio Networked Solutions
Polycom, Inc.
PictureVision, Inc.
PictureTel Corporation
Parlano, Inc.
Parametric Technology Corporation
NextG Networks
Newport Media, Inc.
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
Netopia, Inc.
Media Metrix, Inc.
Limelight Networks
Level 5 Networks
Leapstone Systems, Inc.
Lavastorm, Inc.
Knowledge Networks, Inc.
Kineto Wireless, Inc.
Internap Network Services
Inktomi Corporation
iCrossing, Inc.
I-Logix, Inc.
FirstRain, Inc.
FiberTower Corporation
Fiber Optic Network Solutions Corporation
Exodus Communications, Inc.
EquaTerra, Inc.
Endwave Corporation
Diamond Lane Communication Corporation
Dallas Semiconductor
CoreTek, Inc.
CommQuest Technologies, Inc.
Cogent Communications, Inc.
Cobalt Group
Cloud Technology Partners
CDNetworks Co., Ltd.
Campus Pipeline, Inc.
Avici Systems, Inc.
iTouch PLC
Entropic Research Laboratory
Tele Atlas, NV
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Lianlian Pay
Qtera Corporation
Pivotal Corporation
Celestica, Inc.
Axellio Inc.
Solarflare Communications, Inc.
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.
Photobucket Corporation
nLight Photonics Corporation
NeoPhotonics Corporation
Moxie Software, Inc.
Mojix, Inc.
MobiTV, Inc.
LumaSense Technologies, Inc.
Deem, Inc.
Attivio, Inc.
Ribbon Communications, Inc.
Centric Software
Aavid Thermal Technologies
Airgo Networks, Inc.
Actel Corporation
2Wire, Inc.
Mimosa Networks, Inc.
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
Airspan Networks, Inc.